Manage your deployments on Slack

Coolops is a Slack bot that requires no maintenance and allows you to deploy and rollback your applications

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Our mission is to provide an easy and comfortable way for teams to manage their applications.

Docker based Deployments

Every deployment script is based on Docker images you provide. This allows coolops to deploy your application to any cloud provider or data center.

# File: Dockerfile
FROM google/cloud-sdk:alpine
RUN gcloud components install kubectl

Everything parametrized

You can configure variables for your project's environments and pass parameters with your build. We will inject them as environment variables during the deployment.

# File:
set -e
echo $GCLOUD_KEY_JSON | base64 -d > gcloud-service-key.json
gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file gcloud-service-key.json
gcloud config set project $GCLOUD_PROJECT_ID
gcloud config set compute/zone $GCLOUD_COMPUTE_ZONE
gcloud container clusters get-credentials $GCLOUD_CLUSTER_NAME
IFS=',' read -r -a deployments <<< "$KUBERNETES_DEPLOYMENTS"
for deployment in "${deployments[@]}"
kubectl set image deployment/${deployment} -n $KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE ${deployment}=$DOCKER_IMAGE

Simple integration

Use our command line tool to easily integrate coolops with your CI or Git webhooks. No coding necessary.

# Check out for more
coolops build:new ${BUILD_NAME} \
--metadata "Pull Request"="${PULL_REQUEST_URL}"
--metadata "Commit message"="```${LAST_COMMIT_MESSAGE}```"

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Still have doubts?

Send me an email or check out our pre-built deployment images to have an idea of the capabilities.